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A Bar - Buy
The world is spinning, it should drink faster

Iíll drink to mankind because it ainít sober

It might pass out, it is a bastard

Iíll drink to mankind until itís over

And it might stop before it gets slower

Itís drinking hard but itís getting older

Itís naked to God, it canít get warmer

It ainít winter now but itís getting colder

The world is spinning, it donít like me

Iíll drink to the future, it wonít miss me

But it canít dismiss me, it might call me friend

It drinks to the moment and well, that was then

I makes bad jokes and takes big tokes

And forgets the past because it smokes better dope

And itís scene donít care, all it wants is more

Iíll drink to the future as it bleeds on the floor

The world is spinning, it knows it getting laid

Iíd drink to Christians but they donít like to stay out late

And in the absence of all abstinence and most monogamy

Well, itís just our biology

To take the amusement ride toward the torture rack

Iíll drink to Christians if the sun turns black

But I hope the world gets laid without any betrayal

Iíd drink to the Satanic, but we all dig that grave