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A Plauge - Buy
I stood outside and bid farewell

To the keeper and the Lunar Mansion

I took a walk toward the gate

Knowing the places I had to find

Through a forest along the Tigris

A Sumer woman pointed the way

She said, "I know you and your friends"

Lost underground with her city she’ll lay

I stood on deck watching the waves

With many sailors, and armada of graves

Starboard bow west, beyond the Mediterranean

With Neptune watching under Roman waves

Through a desert along a highway

A hitchhiker pointed the way

He said, "did you hear, New York’s in decay"

I said, "I know son, I was there yesterday"

I stood outside and bid farewell

A dog growled within the ruin

The new continent is where I’ll go

After they’re done digging the fossil of L.A.