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Adult Wanna Be - Buy
Why wonít you take responsibility

For your life, your words, and your actions

You run around with your bad ass attitude

Acting tough and being rude

You dump your shit all over the scene

Make it stink and rotten

You disrespect everyone else

But you expect respect back

One day consequence is going to

Kick you in the ass

Do you think you can handle it

Or will you run away

Could you handle real life

Could you handle true harshness

Do you think that you can handle yours

Can you stand on your own two feet

Why wonít you take responsibility

Are you scared of consequence

Why wonít you take

What are you running from

You only thrive on negativity

Why canít you see the positive

Why canít you see through the shit

Why canít you see the good

Try hard and you might see

Something more then

Your own bullshit