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In The Shade - Buy
Iím trying to be free

Iím trying to be me

Iím trying to work things out

But its hard when you start to shout

I used to think that was okay

Now I know it shouldnít be this way

I look back at the past

Bad memories that will always last

Iíll listen to you if youíll listen to me

Instead of you telling me what to be

Donít say to me that you believe

When I can tell what you really see

Iím trying to show you how I feel

Instead you tell me to get real

I find it hard to get my say

When you tell me to change my ways

You know the pain will never die

No matter how hard I try

Maybe later thingsíll be okay

But for now it doesnít seem that way

I just want to do what I need to do

I donít want to have to please you

Someday thisíll all fade

Hide away in the shade

Someday thisíll all fade

Hide away in the shade

Sorry Iím not professional

Thatís just not one of my goals

Give me a chance and Iíll show you

That I can come through

Itís my life and itís my choice

Give me sometime to enjoy

The little time that I have to spend

Before it all ends