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Some And All - Buy
Assuming things of me

Is not the way to be

Itís quite unfair and

Unkind you see

I could do the same

But that would not

Help out at all

So, Iíll sit and take it

And try to ignore

But my patience

Wonít hold

I canít hide my anger

Itíll start to show

My anger will grow

While you sit and poke fun

Your prejudice pisses me off

I want to tell you to fuck off

The some and the all are not the same

There is no fun in this game

Why do I sit and take

This bullshit

If I said something

Then I would be the prick

But Iím not the one

Who starts it

You assume it of me

But thatís not how I be

This endless cycle of blame

Is a goddamn rotten game

You blame me

And I blame you

Because you blame me

I say itís you

Because I say itís you

You blame me

Now as we play

We both feel

But we donít know

How to end